Award-Winning Remote Commentary Solution

Award-Winning Remote Commentary Solution

At NEP, we have made one of the most complex and team intensive workflows surprisingly simple and scalable with our Remote Commentary technology. This solution provides audio auto-mixing, including NEP’s Audio & Video Fingerprint technology, which automatically detects lip sync offsets, incorrect formats or wrong audio channel mapping. Remote Commentary is a proprietary solution from our Media Solutions team, developed to enable broadcasters to increase the value of commentary content while reserving resources and reducing costs.

Discovery, and its leading sports brand Eurosport, used our Remote Commentary solution for their coverage of the Olympic Games. They needed a good solution to deliver multiple simultaneous event feeds with different languages to viewers in different countries via and the Eurosport app. With our solution sport fans could watch their favorite sport in their own language.

This innovative solution won SVG Europe's Sport Production Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement, Audio at the 2018 IBC Show!

Check out the video below to learn more about our Remote Commentary Solution.

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