Virtual Productions


We can create sets, backgrounds, environmental effects and props real-time for your production with our ICVFX (in-camera visual effects). Using a combination of LED and real-time render engine technology, what may have meant extensive post-production can be caputured immediately on set.


What ICVFX Can Offer

  • Perspective-based realistic backgrounds and peripheral imagery.
  • Realism and treatment of scenes completed during capture.
  • Visuals do not require lengthy or costly post-production.
  • Scenes and shots can be deemed as finished immediately, reducing costly re-shoots.

How It Works

The realism states of a scene are reconstructed using display technology and real-time render engines. The display devices create backgrounds and environmental effects with perceivable realism as well as provide reflection, shadow, and illumination to influence the subjects within the camera view. These Visual Effects are immediately captured by camera eliminating the need for extensive post production.​

We can create stunning visual effects rendered real time.

our Work

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