Virtual Productions


We operate volumetric Smart Stages around the globe and have the ability to create virtual stages anywhere. In combination with our LED technology and expertise, and our virtual production experts, we can create any environment you can dream up. For film, television or live events, we have the engineering, technical solutions and creative know-how to make any set come to life in real-time.


The Whole Package

We can use these stages in combination with our vast global LED and display resources, in tandem with our in-camera VFX and virtual production experts, to create a complete solution that will bring your next production to life real-time.

We Can Be Virtually Anywhere You Need to Be

We have smart stages ready to create a custom environment for any production across the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. We have also created over 50 temporary virtual stages for clients worldwide since 2018.

Our virtual studios and sets can set the stage for any production.

our Work

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