NEP Norway Studios 1 and 2


NEP Norway Studios 1& 2

Økern Torgvei 13, 0580 Oslo, Norway


The studio premises can be divided into two seperate studios using a mobile, soundproof wall, enabling simultaneous productions. Full ventlation and seperate air conditioning systems have been installed in each studio section. In addition:

  • Extensive pre-wiring for video, audio, network and communications
  • 5 x 400 V 63A is avilable in adjacent dmmer room with easy cable access to both studios

The studio is located on the same floor as the control rooms, commentary booths, editing suits and other necessary facilities such as makeup rooms, meeting rooms, workspaces for customer's editorial team and food court / public accessControl Room 1 features:

  • 40m2 room with 15 workstations, editor / analytics room
  • Audio control room and a seperate room for the engineer in charge and camera control
  • Equipped with a 48 input Grass Valley Kayak 2,5ME vision mixer and 180 ch LAWO audio mixer
  • Basic structure that supports major productions up to 8 cameras
  • 3 EVS 8CH machines
  • VTR machines
  • 7 grahics units and 10 external signals
  • Audio infrastructure handles 5.1 audio productions

Control Room 2 features:

  • Small control room which is designed to be operated by between 2 to 4 people
  • Equipment is of the same high quality as Control Room 1
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