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HD 1 is very well suited for small and medium sized drama and sports productions. Great emphasis has been placed on flexibility and comfort in HD 1. The users have been very pleased with this OB-truck and quickly find themselves at home in the light and pleasant working environment. HD 1 does not require a tender vehicle, as it has got a custom-built trailer that function as a storage and transport vehicle for all of the peripheral equipment that is used for different productions. The chassis and trailer have been built by Groth Kaross in Sweden, and the technical installation has been performed by SONY Professional Services in Basingstoke, England. Late 2018 the unit was upgraded with new vision mixer, a new monitor wall, and the interior was refurbished (new floors, ceiling, LED-lights and desktop surfaces).

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    Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

    • MAN TGA 26.430
    • Total length: 16 meters (w/trailer)
    • Total width: 2,5 meters
    • Total width in production: 3,8 meters
    • Height: 4 meters
    • Total weight: 30 tons
    Power requirements
    • 63A, 3-phase, 230V or 400V
    Power cable carried on vehicle
    • 40 meters
    • Sony XVS-6000 HD1080i
    • 2 splitable M/E cards, each with 8 keyers
    • 32 Inputs
    • 16 Outputs
    • Chroma key
    • Integrated 20 channels frame memory with 4.600 frames capasity
    • Integrated 2 ch. DME
    • 2 Multiviewers
    • VizRT with following software: Engine; Trio; Artist
    • Production: 10 x 22” monitors with quadsplits + Native 1080 Program and Preview monitors, all with tally/UMD
    • 2. Production/EVS: 3 x quadsplits, 3 x dual monitors, 2 x KVM monitors and 2 x Native 1080 program monitors
    • Engineering: 2 x 17” Sony Oled Vision monitors, 17” EiC monitor, 28 PiPs in 6 multiview monitors, all with tally/UMD.
    • Leitch up/down timer display and script panel in production
    • HD/SD SDI Digital video: Sony IXS-6700 112 x 136
    • AES/EBU Digital Audio: Sony IXS-6600 64 x 68
    • TIME CODE: Network Electronics 32 x 32
    • Router panels: Sony router panels
    • Tally/UMD system: Amazon Tally system
    • Up to 3 x 8-CH EVS
    • Up to 4 x recorder/players: XDCam HD 4:2:2; HD and SD infrastructure to support requested formats
    • Recording to up to 8x USB sticks
    • 8x Sony HDC 1500
    • Accessories for all cameras: Headset for various purpose (Studio/noisy environments/handheld); Large and small viewfinders with sports hood for outdoor use; Digital zoom/focus demand; Rain covers
    • Wired for up to 11 cameras
    • Upon request: Superslow 3x to 8x; Wireless camera systems; Sony HDC-P1; Other special cameras/remote heads etc.

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    • Vinten 2-stage ENG-tripods (Vinten 100/250)
    • 9 mm fibre optical cable Lemo HDTV 3K.93C
    • 200 meters per. camera chain on fixed drums
    • 6 x 100 meters on portable drums
    • Canon HJ22x7,6
    • All other lenses available upon request
    • Studer Vista 5 digital mixer
    • 48 local mic in
    • 24 line i/o
    • 32 aes i/o
    • 2 Madi fibre-connections for stageboxes
    • 1 Madi fibre-connection for 64ch ProTools i/o
    • Stageboxes on request (36 mic in / 8 line out)
    • Monitoring: 5.1 set-up, Genelec 8030 series + Sub.
    • CD: Tascam RW2000 (CDA burner)
    • PC with Lynx 2x stereo out for jingles/bumpers etc.
    • Dolby E encoder/decoder/audio-tool
    • TC Electronic DB-4 with icon remote 5.1 + stereo final compression
    • TC Electronic System 6000, 4 machines
    • Yamaha SPX2000
    • TC Electronic D-two
    • 1 x Sennheiser MKH 70 Full shotgun microphones
    • 8 x Sennheiser MKH 416 Half shotgun microphones
    • 2 x Sennheiser MKH 40 Cardiod microphones
    • 2 x Sennheiser handheld microphones
    • 3 x 100 m 12-pair multicore, LK 37
    • 150 m fibre-optic cable for stagebox, Lemo 3K, 2-core
    • Matrix: Riedel Artist intercom matrix
    • Ready for 16 panels / 32 4-W
    • 11 panels internally within the OB-truck
    • 5 external panels/Desk-top panels (for hook-up where they are required)
    • IP and GSM codec for communication
    • 2 x Duplex base stations for wireless
    • 12 x Portable wireless handsets
    HD1 Floorplan
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