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We understand what you’re dealing with: a never-ending, never-easy river of files flowing in. Different sizes, different formats, different publishing rights, destinations and metadata... Does it have to be this complicated? Well, no. Meet NEP's Mediabank.

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Mediabank, our user-friendly online collaboration, production and publishing tool, can store your files, keep track of them, and make sure they’re accessible whenever you need them. You’ll have reliable storage of masters, sporting events or rights media you may own, controlled from your digital devices and tagged with searchable and event-based metadata—all using your favorite browser. And because Mediabank is not limited by hardware or formats, it’s supported by systems worldwide.

  • Archive your high-resolution media
  • Automate your workflows based on metadata triggers
  • Accelerate upload and transfers
  • Live-to-file ingest
  • One-click publishing
  • Access your media on any device
  • Share with QuickLinks (sms & email)
  • Collaborate with ease
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Adex - your new digital ad courier

Meet Mediabank's Adex application, your new digital advertisement and master content courier. We’ve created Adex to remove the hassle of sending and versioning your deliveries, so you can instead focus on more important tasks like creating excellent content for your customers. Our Mediabank team understands that you may not be enjoying the never-ending flow of web forms. So, we´ve made it a lot easier. Just create your content, and AdEx will send it off.

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Review & Approval - Collaboration Made Easy

Our Mediabank Review & Approval application allows you approve, add comments and/or reject material in a production or compliance process. It is an extensive collaboration tool that lets you decide whether your content is acceptable or if it needs adjustments before going on-air by providing you with the ability to comment directly in the timeline. You can include your comments in an automated email subscription to your production team, client or other collaborators. Once the material is approved, it is transferred ”automagically” in the correct format and resolution to your media outlet. Badaboom!

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Library - Share All Of Your Assets Easily

Use the Library app to search, filter and access all your stored media and assets. While in Library, you can play, view and publish the content from any device. You can preview clips in your Library with the integrated media player and get detailed information about your content. Plus, the application allows you to add tags and comments to any piece of stored media, as you wish, when you wish.

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Make life and media asset management easier with Mediabank, our user-friendly online collaboration, production and publishing tool.

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