Virtual Productions


When your whole team can see the vision for a production real-time at every stage of the process, magic can happen. We have a wide array of visualization solutions that can bring your content to life from the initial pitch all the way through post production. We can create stunning visuals to help facilitate proof of concept/pitching, storyboarding, live production, and post production.



Pitchvis is a more polished version of Previs generally used to either pitch a project or to use as a proof of concept to secure a greenlight.


Our Halon team's storyboard artists are available to quickly facilitate scene exploration of camera, lens, and character blocking from thumbnail sketches to final boards.


Previs is the meat and potatoes of visualization services. It is the best known way to break down complex scenes into achievable shots and to quickly get all of the various departments in a production, be it live action, Animated, or Games, on the same page creatively.


Postvis composites key previs elements into live action plates as an animated placeholder for missing VFX elements. This empowers Editorial to create a more comprehensive edit of the entire project without having to wait on the final VFX shots.

Reach out to see how we can help make your vision into a reality.

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