Centralized Production

NEP continues to be the leader in mobile unit design and delivery. We are using our experience and knowledge from decades supporting live productions to develop our global Centralized Production platform that can support any type of distributed workflow, for any type of production, during every stage of the process, all around the globe. ​​


Our Global Centralized Production Platform delivers Efficiency, Flexibility, Scalability, and Innovation

Our vision for the future is that no matter where or how your team needs to work if it’s with a field acquisition unit, an enabled mobile unit, a NEP Production Center or your Production Center, you can be connected to our Centralized Production Platform with access to the latest technology, as well as a host of innovative solutions that can add value to your production – all managed, monitored and controlled by one unified system.​​

This ecosystem will offer you flexibility, scalability and innovative tools tailored to fit what you need, when you need it, anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

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One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

Our platform provides the flexibility for us to pair our technologies and services to match any production need you have. From a fully centralized production, to a single remote operator, and anything in between. This can be paired with a complete suite of end-to-end solutions that include: Mediabank Media Asset Management, ​Remote Commentary, ​Virtualized Edit​, Graphics & AR Solutions, ​Ingest, ​Storage, ​Localization, ​​Streaming,​ Transmission​, Connectivity, ​Logistics & Project Management​, Production Services & Crewing​, Creative Services​​​.

Centralized Production

Via NEP's Private Cloud


Equipment housed in our production centers or datacenter

Decentralized control - work from anywhere

Individual audio/video feeds distributed from our production centers or datacenter​​

Flexible Remote Production

In an Enabled Mobile Unit or Flypack

High or low bandwidth options​

Equipment in Mobile Unit or Datacenter ​

Decentralized control – work from anywhere​

Multiviewer feeds distributed from truck​

Cloud Production

Work from Anywhere

Fully virtualized option​

Decentralized control via software-based UI interface​

Operators can work from any location – including home​

Benefits of NEP's Centralized Production Platform

Increased production values – use your top talent across more productions

Benefits of NEP's Centralized Production Platform

Innovation – use the latest technologies instantly and seamlessly.

Benefits of NEP's Centralized Production Platform

Flexibility– choose the best type of facility for each part of your production and each show.

Benefits of NEP's Centralized Production Platform

Cost Savings – potential for reduction in line items that don’t contribute to the production, like travel and shipping​.

Benefits of NEP's Centralized Production Platform

Scalability– tap just the resources you need just when you need them.

Benefits of NEP's Centralized Production Platform

Security - we have automated systems and a team of security experts monitoring 24/7.

Benefits of NEP's Centralized Production Platform

Sustainability – reduce your carbon footprint with less shipping, less travel and fewer or smaller mobile units on site.

Why Use NEP for Centralized Production

Top Engineering Experience With 24/7 Support​

With top engineering talent always on hand, our clients can focus their talent on content development and monetization​.

We Invest in Tech So You Don't Have To

Our economies of scale allow for constant investment in new tech, and we structure contract terms for our clients that protect their rights windows​.​

We Can Deliver Innovation Fast and Easy

New tools, technologies and innovations on our roadmap can be deployed seamlessly​.

We Are Connected

​We maintain robust connections between all of our networked facilities and offer seamless connectivity solutions to and from any venue or facility.

You Can Leverage Our Global Footprint

Our global network enables collaboration & utilization of top talent across multiple geographies​.

We Have an End-to-End Solution

From venue coordination to capture through distribution – no matter where or how you want to produce, we can support you with our global production network ecosystem.

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