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From awards shows to talk shows to reality TV, we collaborate with our clients to create some of the most-watched entertainment productions in the world.

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Our people are passionate about what they do, taking steps beyond the ordinary to “deliver the wow” for every client, every time.

Delight Your Audience with Brilliant Live Entertainment Solutions

Light up your show with options that include brilliant LED and displays, including floor LED, sceptron lighting elements, and high-end processing and screen management systems to create a one-of-a-kind spectacle.
Share your story using high-quality live broadcast and production services, including physical and virtual studios, robotic cameras, RF and wireless communications, plus augmented reality and virtual graphics to create realistic worlds from imagination.
Our highly trained engineers, technicians, operations specialists and project professionals set the standard for you to set the stage to deliver a world-class show.

find your live entertainment & UNSCRIPTED TV solutions today

If you're looking to "bring the delight" and "wow" to your audience, you've come to the right place. Our end-to-end solutions capture every angle, set the stage with jaw-dropping LED and manage playout to audiences on every platform.

Learn About Our Solutions For Live Entertainment

Our full range of products and services let us handle any - or every - part of the production process for you, from content capture to distribution, including a growing portfolio of cloud-based, software-based and virtualized technologies. From a single service to an end-to-end workflow, we've designed solutions for whatever you need,  wherever you need to deploy them. That’s how we empower content creators and rights holders to tell their stories in breakthrough ways.

By taking the time to plan and prepare properly, you can ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Pre-production is the key to success, and it’s the best way to make sure that you get the most out of your production.

Freight Forwarding

We have the new standard of shipping performance with our freight services.

Find out how we can deliver for you.

Host Broadcast Support

NEP’s host broadcasting team has the resources and know-how to plan, adapt, innovate, support and deliver superior host broadcasting support solutions across all geographies.


All of our systems are created to capture live events in a variety of locations and indoor and outdoor (even extreme) environments. We've got the equipment and solutions to help ensure exciting and beautiful events captivate their audiences. Whether you need mobile units, outside broadcasting, flypack systems, or specialty cameras, we've got you covered.

Mobile Units

We've got more than 200 HD OB trucks/mobile units worldwide, a full line of support and specialty units, and an in-house integration team that specializes in building custom solutions.

Control room for a broadcast production with large monitor wall.


NEP's flypack systems provide the perfect solution for any production. With over 90 broadcast flypack systems available from four different continents, you can easily configure the perfect flypack to suit your needs.


Specialty Capture

Specialty Capture services provide an invaluable resource to any production, allowing you to capture those special moments no matter where or when they happen.


NEP is dedicated to elevating the production process. With our virtual production studio, we create immersive environments that bring stories to life. Our centralized production capabilities allow us to control the action remotely and ensure the best possible production quality. Additionally, our connectivity solutions make it simple to distribute content to any location. We provide the means to bring any production to the next level with virtual studios, centralized production, and connectivity solutions. Our commitment to excellence in every project ensures a successful production every time.

Virtual Studios

Elevate production with virtual production studios are designed to replicate the essentials of a traditional physical set, while giving creators the freedom to explore new creative possibilities.


Centralized Production

Grow your production with our platform that provides the flexibility for us to pair our technologies and services to match any need you have. From a fully centralized production, to a single remote operator, and anything in between.


Connectivity & Transmission

Boost reliability and speed between parties. . Our capabilities allow us to monitor, track, and streamline how information is going from A to B.


Creating unforgettable experiences for audiences is at the heart of our work. From dazzling LED displays to explosive live audio and lighting, we know audiences will be left with a night they won’t soon forget.

LED Display

LED is at the forefront of developing display technology, boasting both remarkable brightness and product versatility, allowing for virtually any desired aesthetic.


Live Audio

Our audio equipment selection is vast, offering everything from top-notch microphones to innovative mixing tools, plus crystal clear amplifiers and speaker systems, ensuring that all of your show's audio requirements are met.



We are well-equipped to handle any project with a comprehensive selection of industry-standard conventional LED and intelligent lighting fixtures. We consistently update our inventory to ensure we have the products necessary to make our clients' visions a reality.


NEP's post-production solutions help get clients over the finish line with amazing final products. By leveraging these powerful tools, companies can create powerful content quickly and efficiently.


Mediabank is an award-winning cloud-based toolbox with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to access your media from anywhere, anytime.


Virtualized Edit

Virtualized edit is a cloud-based editing and post-production platform that allows you to create, preview, and deliver high-quality content faster than ever before. It enables creative teams to work together seamlessly by providing them with a secure, reliable, and scalable platform to work with.


Live Entertainment Stories at NEP

NEP Group Pushed the limits of Impossible

NEP Group, together with its partner Red Bull Media House, pushed the limits of impossible by holding the very first freestyle rap event in a completely virtual environment.

eurovision entrusts nEP to deliver on broadcast production

NEP Provided all the broadcast equipment and crew together with EMG for Eurovision 2021.

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