‘The work here never stops’: A tour inside NEP’s U.S. Mobile Units field shop

A visit to NEP’s U.S. Mobile Units Integration and Design facility is one shot of technological inspiration after another.

Across the board, the need for content is growing, as there are more platforms available for distribution and viewing than ever before. This is a fascinating time for viewers who enjoy great content, and an ambitious time for content creators.

Capturing the nuances of a live sports or entertainment event requires the authenticity of being there. For production teams to keep this close connection to the live action, mobile production units remain the solution. There’s a special place where this technology is being fostered, so that creators can continue to tell stories that inspire audiences.

 Listen for the innovation 

Who doesn’t love the sights and sounds of innovation in the morning? 

A visit to NEP’s U.S. Mobile Units Integration and Design facility is one shot of technological inspiration after another. As Joe Signorino, Vice President, Systems Integration & Design tells it – those in the industry call him “Sig” – “we have a lot going on here”. 

A power drill buzzes at one end of the garage, while scaffolding is moved from one truck to another – it feels like a NASCAR pit stop in this place and the analogy is fitting. 

NEP’s mobile units are steeped in history. They’ve been the heart of the business for over 40 years. Today, there are over 60 mobile units covering the U.S. and over 200 globally. 

Building the next one starts off by listening. 

At the core, NEP Mobile Units are built on a foundation of listening to clients and developing solutions to further their production goals. By collaborating with clients around the world to gain valuable insights and feedback, NEP’s global engineering teams are able to turn their needs into reality. 

This is evident as you walk through the shop. One truck over here is being custom-built for live sports productions next season. Another truck over there is being tailored to fit another client’s content needs. 

Mobile units are the driving force behind NEP’s global production ecosystem, and Signorino will say it more than once, “the work here never stops”. 

“There’s about 18 mobile units that we’re working on at the moment, in various stages of design and build,” Signorino said. 

“There’s a staff of about 35 people that work at our NEP Systems Integration facility. That ranges from mechanical and systems designers, project management, carpentry, woodworking, paint, electricians and the technical support group which includes wiremen and system installers. Then part of that group works on the commissioning and testing of the system before it’s rolled out for its first job.” 

Another content creator on wheels 

In the coming months, the NEP Systems Integration & Design team will put the finishing touches on a brand-new mobile unit, Supershooter 6. Following the success of Supershooter 5, those in the shop are excited about what Supershooter 6 has to offer. 

Supershooter 6 is equipped with NEP’s Platform Control (TFC). A proprietary software solution developed in-house, NEP’s TFC is engineered to solve the industry’s issues around IP control. TFC is compatible with virtually any technology in the broadcast and live event environment, and this latest truck comes pre-loaded with its brilliance. 

“Supershooter 6 is designed with a lot of flexibility in mind,” Signorino says. 

“It’s a very large IP system so it has a tremendous amount of capabilities. It’s set up and designed to be able to integrate other NEP companies and equipment with ease, and it’s also designed to tie in with our global infrastructure. With the networking topology and using TFC as a control system already integrated into these projects, the options are almost endless.” 

The Supershooter 6 project started about two months ago and is currently in the mechanical and wiring stage, with a roll-out scheduled for April 23, 2022. Take a peak inside for yourself in the video above!

Speaking of NASCAR… 

While Supershooter 6 prepares for takeoff, another NEP U.S. Mobile Units innovation has already hit the road. 

SRT3, is a custom-built truck for NASCAR’s Shared Resources, providing a scalable solution to connect to both the NEP and NASCAR centralized production environments. With the ability to easily transition to employ more IP gear, the dynamic SRT3 was designed to support NASCAR’s current and future needs, powered by NEP’s Platform Control (TFC). 

Innovative truck met innovative racing event. 

SRT3 debuted at NASCAR’s inaugural “Clash at the Coliseum” race at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Feb. 6, 2022. The LA Memorial Coliseum was transformed from a grass venue to a quarter-mile asphalt racetrack for this unique exhibition, and NEP’s SRT3 supported NASCAR in capturing the sights and sounds to tell the story of this historic event for the sport. 

Following its successful debut at NASCAR’s season-opening exhibition race, SRT3 then rolled into Daytona International Speedway for the 64th running of the Daytona 500. 

You can read much more on SRT3 here

Big support, at The Big Game 

NEP U.S. Mobile Units is once again proud to support the biggest broadcasting spectacle on earth, the Super Bowl. 

Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles on Feb. 13 featured an all-out NEP Mobile Units blitz, with a full spectrum of MUs on-site supporting clients deliver the big game, including: ND1, ND7, Supershooter 3, Supershooter 5, Supershooter 9, Supershooter 18, Black & Red, Summit, Atlantic and more! 

Check out a full breakdown of NEP Group’s Super Bowl LVI support via Sports Video Group

With several cutting-edge trucks debuting in 2022, while many current units are being prepared for upgrades, NEP Group continues to lead the industry into the future in mobile unit design and delivery, supporting clients around the globe as they bring live sports, entertainment and other great content to life. 

“Here at systems integration the work never stops,” Signorino said. 

“We’re constantly busy, constantly designing and looking at new innovations and technologies that we can use and design into our systems. We have a lot going on here.” 

Check this space in the future for more updates from NEP’s Mobile Units shop – but, maybe give us a few days because, we have a lot going on here

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