TFC: Smart Software Solution is Making Productions More Efficient

Hear from Nick Dell’Omo, one of our Engineers and TFC developers on how this smart software solution is making productions more efficient and easily scalable.

We began developing TFC (Total Facility Control) in 2017 to help harness the power of IP/2110 technology while making it fast, efficient and easy-to-use.  Six years later, it is a robust and dynamic platform offering three cutting-edge solutions: TFC Core, our broadcast controller; TFC Flow, our DIVA solution to manage venue networks; TFC Link, our SDN solution for managing networks across and between facilities. Hear from Nick Dell’Omo, Engineer and TFC Developer, on how TFC is streamlining setup on location for our mobile production trucks.

You can also read more about TFC in action helping to manage the compound at the NBA All Star Game here.


Hi, my name is Nick Dell’Omo. I’m a Broadcast Engineer, Control Software. I work with broadcast engineers and as a developer for TFC.

TFC is a platform in which we can enable production. We’re able to better integrate with any device and to enable our clients to produce whatever they want.  

You know, everything in TFC is workflow-driven. It does exactly the thing we want it to do, because we make it—so we can do large scale and support the entire company.

I don’t have gray hair, so I don’t have a lot of experience with the old way of doing things. But in a show like this, Supershooter 5, for example, has upwards of 150 feeds going to it.

In days past, we would have to have one copper wire for each video feed. And that can come with inherent signal, signaling issues. You can get your tie-lines mixed up. Not to mention, you need a person to lay the cable, to wire it. We don’t have to do that anymore. And it’s safer, it’s easier to manage, it takes away all of the guesswork. It’s more flexible.

If I need to add 20 more signals, as long as the bandwidth is there, I can route it.

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