NEP Group Products Honored For Technological Innovation at IBC Show

Broadcast Sports International’s 5G Wireless Transmitter Wins IABM BaM Award® and Best of Show; NEP’s TFC Ephemeral Productions Platform Named IBC’s Best of Show.


NEP Group, the leading media technology partner for content creators worldwide, announced today that its 5G MT-UHD MiniTx, the world’s smallest low-latency UHD wireless video transmitter, has been named a winner at the 2023 IABM BaM Awards® in the Connect category and named Best of Show by TV Technology, while NEP’s TFC Ephemeral Productions Platform was named Best of Show at IBC by TVB Europe.

The IABM BaM Awards® recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits and are widely recognized as the gold standard for rewarding broadcast and media innovation.

NEP and subsidiary BSI recently updated its 5G MT-UHD MiniTx wireless transmitter, adding support for 5G NR technology. The 5G MT-UHD MiniTx is a powerful 5G-enabled wireless video transmitter which offers reliability, even in areas with high network congestion. Along with 5G NR coverage, high-quality video encoding, integrated camera control, and low-latency, the 5G MT-UHD MiniTx provides the ability to capture and transmit multiple videos simultaneously.

Dan Grainge, President, NEP Specialty Capture, with the 2023 IABM BaM Award® and the Best of Show award by TV Technology. Broadcast Sports International's 5G MT-UHD MiniTx wireless transmitter took home both honors at the 2023 IBC Show in Amsterdam.

“It is a true honor to receive this award in recognition of our amazing R&D team at BSI Engineering,” says Abner Mir Ibarra, Engineering Director, BSI.

“In a broadcast industry that is seeing a revolution of workflows and new technology integration brought about by an increasing demand for content, providing our NEP team with truly unique one-of-a-kind products become not only our number one priority but a necessity. I’m truly proud of our team of engineers and I’m forever thankful for their dedication, perseverance, sacrifices and gifts of their incredible talents.”

BSI’s 5G MT-UHD MiniTx was also named Best of Show at IBC by TV Technology.

Sacha Rossek, Lead R&D/RF Engineer, BSI, said: “The 5G MT-UHD MiniTx represents NEP’s next step in evolving its wireless camera technology to meet the ever-changing availability of RF spectrum, and ultimately, how content is delivered and distributed at event venues across the world.

“The winning of these awards highlight NEP’s inimitable ability to bring nascent technology to its clients. The MiniTx UHD is an NEP patented product that will truly deliver the wow for its clients.”

NEP’s TFC Ephemeral Productions Platform Named Best of Show

The IBC Best of Show Awards, by TVB Europe, recognize innovative products designed for use by broadcasters, content providers and professional audio and video users.

TFC Ephemeral Productions is the newest advancement for NEP’s patent-pending broadcast controller, TFC. The SaaS solution replaces cumbersome setups with preset templates that allow production teams to seamlessly reconfigure any TFC-enabled facility (including mobile units and connected production facilities) for multiple shows in a matter of minutes.

Ephemeral Productions allows broadcasters to effortlessly customize and optimize their production environment, saving valuable time and resources, and shifting their focus from technology to producing compelling content.

Neil Smith, Global Head of Platform Engineering, NEP Australia, with the IBC Best of Show award by TVB Europe for NEP's TFC Ephemeral Productions Platform.

“Our TFC Ephemeral Productions platform was born out of a user coming to our team with a challenge, and we provided a software solution,” said Neil Smith, Global Head of Platform Engineering, NEP Australia, and one of the founders of NEP’s cutting-edge TFC broadcast control application.

“The platform gives our engineers great flexibility to turn controls around and assign resources. What was once a time cumbersome task, can now be done in minutes. The IBC Best of Show recognition is incredibly impactful to our global company, and I’d like to congratulate our entire team on this achievement.”

The IBC Show, a gathering of the industry’s best in content and technology, runs Friday, 15 September through Monday, 18 September at the RAI Amsterdam convention centre.

NEP Group drew together its teams from around the world, bringing staff from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and the United States to the show. NEP’s top technology, operations, and commercial experts were on hand to talk about NEP’s array of end-to-end solutions, including outside broadcast, connected production, connectivity solutions, specialty capture, TFC (Total Facility Control), Mediabank and more.

Visit to learn more about NEP’s live production and connected solutions.

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