Mediatec acquires all assets of Musikbygget AB in Åre as of April 3, 2018

Åre has become an increasingly important place for corporate events. The region has invested a lot of resources in making the area more attractive each year. Mediatec has collaborated with Tomas Ling and Musikbygget already at many events and have now agreed to acquire the business.


NEP Group Inc. (‘NEP’)announced today via its subsidiary Mediatec Solutions the following:

Årehas become an increasingly important place for corporate events. The region hasinvested a lot of resources in making the area more attractive each year.Mediatec has collaborated with Tomas Ling and Musikbygget already at manyevents and have now agreed to acquire the business. There are obvious synergieswith the acquisition where we now will be a closer and local partner to theSwedish organization of the Alpine World Championships and Biathlon WorldChampionships, which will be launched in Åre and Östersund in February andMarch 2019. In addition, it gives us an opportunity to work towards Trondheimand Östersund as markets and a clear local base in central Sweden.

Musikbyggetwill be renamed to Mediatec Åre.

"This is a great solution toget more resources for live events in our region,”said Tomas Ling, Musikbygget´s President. “Mediatec´slarge network will also provide the opportunity to work outside our usualregion during” low-season” and provides a very interesting approach towardsNorthern Norway as a new potential region for business. NEP and Mediatec have a verygood reputation and I am looking forward to working within Mediatec from nowon,” added Tomas.

 “The additionof Musikbygget is consistent with the broader strategy for NEP/Mediatec tocontinue expansion in new areas,” said Kenneth Paterson, Mediatec´s President. “Theacquisition will be Mediatec’s most northern office, specializing in WinterEvents and hereby enabling us to offer live event capabilities with logisticaladvantages in a new and important area.”

Thistransaction was completed on April 3rd 2018.


About Mediatec

MediatecSolutions has with over 30 years of experience in the business grown to be oneof the largest companies offering cutting edge solutions for the corporate,entertainment and sports industries in Europe and Worldwide. The solutions areturn-key, meaning that we can deliver Project Management, Audio, Video,Lighting and Trucking solutions for any large event. Mediatec is also a globalsupplier of Digital Signage solutions with many well-known customers in retailand automotive business worldwide. Since April 2015 Mediatec has been a part ofthe NEP worldwide network. For more information, visit


About Musikbygget

The company has providedtechnical solutions for conferences, events, concerts, fairs and sportingevents for over 20 years with reoccurring customers as the best references.


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