ICVFX Delivers Australia’s First Full Service LED Virtual Production Solution

Australia’s ICVFX “Virtual Production” studios offer a remote solution for Film, TV and Gaming productions frozen by Coronavirus lockdowns.

Sydney, Australia

ICVFX delivers Australia’s first full service LED virtual production solution for local and international content creators.

Sydney August, 2020 - Production companies unable to produce content due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are looking to technology to keep their business alive. By utilizing “Virtual Production” methods, creatives can shoot, animate, and post their project remotely at a fraction of traditional costs.

Deploying game engine processing, high resolution LED walls & real time camera tracking, ICVFX delivers photo-realistic shooting environments for all levels of production.

Sydney Virtual Production company Spectre Studios has been working with this emerging tech for some time, led by Spectre Technical Director Rick Pearce, “We’ve brought together a team of creatives to host a series of LED wall and Virtual Production demonstrations. Creative Director Jean-Christophe Danoy from Agenda Studio brought Spectre, NEP Studios and Big Picture together to help create a turn-key solution. “We can now demonstrate a fully functioning LED wall volume and dynamic 3D environments for Virtual Production, as well as Motion & Facial Capture all in one facility, and all with remote access. The first of its kind in Australia”  

NEP Australia’s Head of Production Angus Millar says, “through our live event businesses Big Picture and Mediatec, NEP can deploy high volume LEDs in our Sydney and Melbourne sound stages to create a one stop shop for virtual production. The dynamic LED lighting of the subject and ultra realistic backgrounds have produced astounding results.”

The use of Virtual Reality, Real-Time Gaming Engines, LED Volume and Remote Motion Capture technology came to prominence with Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book in 2016. The film was one of the first to use Virtual Reality and gaming engines across the entire creative process. Favreau would go on to implement this technology on a much grander scale in The Lion King and Disney’s hugely popular Star Wars: Mandalorian series. The technology is primed to become widely used across film and television and is already a common tool in game design and animation.

“This method means that film creatives can remote in from locations around the world and collaborate in real-time with performers, voice actors, musicians, stunt performers and more, all while maintaining safe, social distance.” said filmmaker Mark Grentell. “We’ve already shown a number of world-class Australian filmmakers what’s possible and they’re really excited that this technology is now at their fingertips locally,” he said.

The impact of COVID-19 on production companies has been profound. Now, more than ever, productions are looking to reduce expenditure without sacrificing production quality and also shooting safely. Along with a favourable exchange rate, and the various government rebates available, Australia offers outstanding value international productions.

About Spectre Studioshttps://www.spectrestudios.com.au/

Spectre is the leading Virtual Production studio in Australia bringing feature films and experiences into true room-scale VR. Our body of work spans across feature films, TVCs, Broadcast, Animation, VFX and Motion Design and now VR game development and CG VR experiences. We aim to be the premium XR experience content creator with a focus on VR Game development, Virtual Production and Education/Training.

About Big Picturewww.bigpicture.com

Big Picture Australia and New Zealand is a leading supplier of video solutions in the region across concert touring, corporate communications, broadcast and live event markets, adopting the world’s best practices in the field and having developed an excellent reputation internationally. Big Picture is part of the NEP Worldwide Network within the NEP Live Events division. Big Picture's inventory includes a large volume of indoor and outdoor LED screens, with industry-leading deployment and rigging systems. Small and large format UHD projection systems, the latest image processing, media servers and switching equipment from Barco, Disguise, Sony, Coolux, Lightware and Ross and an extensive range of flyaway HD and 4K camera systems up to 2160p HDR capability from Sony and Panasonic with the latest in HD and 4K lens technology are all available.

About Agenda Studiowww.agenda.studio

Agenda Studio’s Jean-Christophe Danoy is a multi-award winning Executive Creative Director and the ultimate  collaborator with extensive experience leading creative teams in Australia and overseas. He has created content and brands for local and international markets, mentoring countless designers and art directors along the way.

Agenda Studio is the perfect balance between technical understanding and creative vision in an ever evolving technical landscape. Producing and managing small and large projects from virtual design to art direction of TVCs and films, Agenda Studio brings together all elements of virtual production.



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