How to Build an Industry-Leading Broadcast Facility

The capacity to build all of the elements of a new mobile production facility in-house has been a difference-maker for identifying the newest solutions to include for the client. Learn more about the process.

How do you put a puzzle together? Start with having all of the pieces in front of you from the very beginning, so you can see the big picture all the way through. In this latest NEP Tech Blog, we’re looking at the collaborative process NEP uses to design and build its cutting-edge mobile production facilities for the world’s leading broadcasters. Watch the video above to see the process in action!

Broadcast Clients Benefit from In-House Systems Integration

The capacity to build all of the elements of a new mobile production facility in-house has been a difference-maker for identifying the newest solutions to include for the client.  

“There are so many complex systems that come together within a production facility to make it all work. If any of those systems fail onsite, it can make the live production experience uncomfortable, and, it can be costly. We have invested significant time and resources into developing and improving these systems,” says Ryan Jones, Director of NEP’s Systems Integration, taking a few moments to talk shop during another busy day as his team prepares its next big facility release for a major broadcaster.

Jones continues, “Designing and building everything from the ground up is a unique capability we have in the industry. And, it allows us to provide the best production experience possible for our clients.”

View inside of the production room in a brand new mobile production truck.

Invested in Designing and Building Industry-Leading Production Facilities

At NEP’s U.S. Systems Integration and Design, each new mobile broadcast production facility project begins by looking at the whole picture with the client or production team – the true end-users - with all of the key components and experts onsite. What’s happening every day at NEP’s Systems Integration and Design facility is unique to the industry – having all of the puzzle pieces right there.

“We have the mechanical guys and the electricians, we have the carpenters, we have the welders,” says Jones. “Here at NEP Systems Integration, we build and design our own facilities.”

They all work together to put this puzzle together.

A welder at NEP's Systems Integration & Design facility making an equipment rack.

The Five Phases of Broadcast Systems Integration

NEP's Systems Integration team has developed a rigorous process that allows it to build and maintain the cutting-edge facilities that help clients bring their content to life.

This process involves a number of team members with a variety of disciplines, ensuring the highest standards with each and every delivery:

1. Planning Phase

“It kicks off with the planning phase, where we work with our client and our sales team to come up with the concept, the layouts and the workflows.”

2. Design Phase

“We then move into the design phase where our mechanical design teams and technical design teams collaborate with the client to account for all of  their specific workflows and production needs. Once that phase is completed we take delivery of the physical trailer."

Ryan Jones, Director of NEP's Systems Integration & Design, at work.

3. Mechanical & Electrical Phase

“We’re now into the mechanical and electrical phase. That’s where we build out all of the interior, everything from the carpet on the walls, to the power systems and the lights. Our mechanical design team spends a lot of time making sure the end-user doesn’t feel like they’re working in a TV truck. It’s how the lighting is done, and how the furniture is built.

“We go back and forth with the client on how the bench is made. Do they want a pencil sharpener, or a drawer for their laptop or a cupholder? It’s a lot of those details that provide a comfortable work environment.”

A carpenter at work in NEP's Systems Integration & Design facility.

A completed panel built in-house at NEP's Systems Integration & Design facility.

4. Technical Phase

“Then we move into the technical phase, and that’s where all of the wires for the systems get installed…

5. Engineering Phase

“Our staff of engineers onsite here will then install all of the equipment and test all of the systems. Our TFC team will come in, and at this point we’re all working together to bring the system online.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: NEP’s Total Facility Control (TFC) is a proprietary software solution developed in-house, engineered to solve the industry’s issues around IP control. TFC is compatible with virtually any technology in the broadcast and live event environment, and NEP’s latest mobile units comes pre-loaded with its brilliance. For much more on TFC, check out the recent NEP Tech Blog entries TFC: Smart Software Solution is Making Productions More Efficient and TFC, an Origin Story.

Equipment integrated into a mobile unit.

The Rollout…

When the NEP Systems Integration & Design team is ready to put the finishing touches on a brand-new IP-powered mobile unit, the final stage includes integrating the client’s production team into their brand-new workstations and testing all of the equipment so that it’s ready for showtime.  

The design and build of an industry-leading NEP mobile production facility – call it a content creator on wheels – begins 18 months to two years from the day it leaves NEP’s Pittsburgh facility to serve its first show.

Exterior shot of a new mobile unit parked at NEP's systems integration facility.

“The team here takes a lot of pride in their work. We want to build the client something suited for them, to help them produce their content. Investing in the tools and systems to do all of this in-house has led to us solving many challenges throughout the live production industry. It’s one of the many ways NEP is helping its clients bring their content to life.”

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