Go Live From Your Home with NEP Home Studio

Get an easy, effective one-camera studio solution right in your home (or anywhere you need it) to go live for your next virtual event, live stream or traditional broadcast.

NEP has been working on creating remote and virtualized solutions for over five years now. In recent months, since the COVID-19 pandemic has taken hold worldwide, we have stepped up our efforts to innovate and deliver solutions that will allow our clients to continue creating top-notch content while still social distancing. Inspired by the current challenge, we began developing our NEP Home Studio. This solution allows your talent to “go live” from their homes for any virtual event, live stream or traditional broadcast. Let’s look at what NEP Home Studio is and how it works.

Two Easy Ways to Access a Complete One-Camera Studio Virtually Anywhere

The NEP Home Studio solution starts with allowing our clients to create a one-camera studio anywhere they need it for their hosts, commentators, special guests and more. We use a combination of different, innovative approaches from a number of manufacturers to enable us to create the right custom solution for each of our client's projects – a "best of the best" approach backed by NEP’s delivery and support.

We can do this in two ways:


This complete, one-camera studio-in-a-box includes a remote camera, audio, built-in lighting, and return video monitor. Just set it up, turn it on, connect it to the internet and make sure the camera is pointed in the right direction.


As an alternative, our app can be used providing the same functionality as the Studio-in-a-Box, but only requiring a laptop or mobile device.

Connected & Secure

Both of these Home Studio solutions can be used anywhere there is an internet connection, and connect seamlessly to NEP on the back-end – be it a mobile unit, flypack, or one of our HUBs around the world – so we can support all other aspects of your production.

Build Your Studio, Virtually, To Meet Any Need

Using the latest AR technology in combination with our Home Studio solutions, we can build a virtual studio that incorporates talent live on-site and/or your talent working remotely.  This seamless integration can continue your show’s branding, incorporate talent and guests from anywhere they need to be, and provide a polished final product of the highest quality.

Build Your Show

With the talent and guests connected to an NEP facility and the virtual set, we can offer the replay, audio mixing, video mixing, graphics and editing centrally – everything you need to create your program feed. We are in the testing phase to offer all of these tasks remotely so that the operators can be working from home, connected to an NEP facility.  Some of these remote functions are available right now using the same Home Client technology utilized by our Virtualized Editing platform. Through our publication and premium playout services, we can also help you deliver your content where it needs to go.

Part of a Suite of Virtualized, Remote Solutions

NEP Home Studio is part of a suite of cutting-edge virtualized, remote solutions that allow our clients’ teams to work and collaborate remotely, centralize resources for efficiency and scale up and down real-time for flexibility.  These include our Virtualized Editing Platform and Mediabank media asset management tool.

Special Thanks to Our Global Team

Our full suite of media solutions, including our NEP Home services, couldn’t be possible without the ingenuity, dedication and feedback from our NEP teams around the globe. Our global team of 2,000+ engineers and technical experts is the best team in the business, and their ingenuity,know-how, and creative problem solving make us who we are.

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