Essential Gear: 5 Things Our Followers Always Take With Them to Show Site

Covering live events demands precision, adaptability, and the right tools. We recently polled our social media followers to uncover the indispensable items they never leave home without when heading to an event.

Here are the top five things to take to site:

#5. Stay Protected From The Elements

An NEP Mobile Unit in the Snow.
Rain or shine, the show must go on, and onsite productions can expose crew and personnel to many different elements.

From the glaring sun to unexpected rain or chilly temperatures, unpredictable weather can turn a great day into a challenge. Most live events take engineers and operators outdoors, and having a hat and suntan lotion handy in the summer will prevent a sunburn from ruining your ability to perform. When the weather is chilly, a knit hat, a pair of mechanic gloves and perhaps even a blanket can take you from cold to comfortable in a hurry. Keeping a packable rain jacket in your bag is a great idea no matter what the season. Being prepared for the elements ensures that you are physically comfortable and can focus on delivering a seamless live broadcast.

#4. Whistle While You Work

A pair of white ear buds.
A comfortable pair of earbuds (or headphones) for personal use is a must, according to our followers.

In the days leading up to an event during park and power, or after an event during strike, many of our followers find that listening to music or to their favorite podcast helps make time fly. It’s also a great way to pass time while travelling. They never leave home without their earbuds or headphones when heading to site. Of course, during the actual production they rely on their production grade headsets or listening to their intercom panels.

#3. Testing, Testing…

An image of a multimeter.
A multimeter, which measures two or more electrical values and is used as a diagnostic tool.

In the third spot, we have essential tools for troubleshooting. Technical hiccups are the last thing a broadcast team wants during a live event. Tools like a multimeter, audio tester, sound bullet, test monitor or Q-Box are essential for diagnosing and resolving technical issues swiftly and maintaining the integrity of the live broadcast. While troubleshooting tools are typically available onsite, many of you prefer to bring your device of choice with you when you head to site.

#2. The Multitool

An example of a multitool.
Multitools are an on-site essential for many of our followers.

Coming in second is the trusty multitool. Whether it's adjusting equipment, making on-the-fly repairs, or handling various other miscellaneous, unpredictable tasks on location, a multitool is a versatile companion for all industry professionals. In fact, so many of our followers specifically named the Leatherman Skeletool as their most prized possession on site that we decided to link it here.

#1. A Good Attitude

A group of people working together.
Teamwork is the secret ingredient to a successful production.

Topping the list is not a tangible tool but a state of mind – a good attitude. More than anything else, our followers emphasized the significance of approaching work with a positive mindset. A good attitude not only influences personal well-being but also contributes to effective collaboration with the production team, ensuring a seamless and successful broadcast.

In Conclusion…

These five essentials showcase the practical approach our followers take to ensure a successful production. So, the next time you head out to a show site, don't forget your necessary gear, multitool, and a positive mindset to be ready to handle anything that comes your way!

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