5 Ways Centralized Production Connects the World: Part Two

Find top talent and teams to help you streamline the remote production process for live broadcast in sports, entertainment, and beyond.

Over five weeks, we’re exploring five ways that NEP’s Centralized Production methods create a Global Production Ecosystem: our network of people, places, and technologies that bring great stories to the world every day. Read last week’s post on flexible workflows here.

Part 2: Access Top Talent and Teams

When you can produce from anywhere, you can work with just about anyone. Remote editing work has been a mainstay of the industry for the past decade or so. But what about replay operators, lighting design, graphics operators, technical directors—and even talent? All of these roles can now be performed remotely, which opens the door to crews with global expertise across more productions.  

Remote and cloud production workflows also allow people who might not otherwise have access to a remote location the opportunity to hone their skills. Anyone who might struggle to travel can operate the technology remotely. And anyone who lives outside of a major industry city can have a chance to work on a production without relocating. With the opportunity for less travel and more time at home, talent and crew can see an increase in quality of life, with more work hours free to think about their productions instead of what gate their flight is departing from.

Not only does Centralized Production extend to the crews and talent involved—it makes it possible to connect these teams to multiple regional platforms. With Centralized Production, control rooms in local markets can take in international feeds. Those regional broadcast controllers can each produce their own version of a show or game that appeals to their local market. Making room for regional productions of global events can allow for a creative sensibility that leads to a variety of interesting productions that connect to specific audiences.  

Local Crews: Part of a Global Production Ecosystem

When you tap into centralized resources for customizable workflows, production becomes whatever you make of it. At NEP, we’ve created a Global Production Ecosystem that allows networks and leagues to use the resources they need, when they need them. Contact us to connect to Centralized Production with NEP.

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