5 Ways Centralized Production Connects the World: Part Three

Sharing centralized production resources for live broadcast and remote production expands the possibility for efficient remote workflows.

Over five weeks, we’re exploring five ways that NEP’s Centralized Production methods connect our world to create a Global Production Ecosystem: our network of people, places, and technologies that bring great stories to the world every day. Read last week’s post on utilizing local talent here.

Part 3: Sharing Resources for High Value, High Efficiency, More Possibilities

By centralizing resources and connecting production facilities, you can create an entire content ecosystem from capture through distribution. Tapping into Centralized Production resources allows you to share equipment, facilities, crew, and other resources across productions with ease.

Once you’ve captured your footage, Centralized Production also allows you to use that content more efficiently. Developing workflows to create additional feeds, shoulder programming, and fast distribution can help leverage your content for the future. Broadcast a global sporting event in one country with live commentary from another. Have camera operators and audio techs on site in New York capturing the action, with the rest of the crew working from the production hub in Miami.  Or tape a pre-game show with a live studio audience in Sydney connected to the production team working in Melbourne. Add a betting feed. Add a social feed. Handle ad insertion. Manage distribution.

We’ve also seen an explosion in innovation with tools that efficiently increase production values. In a centralized production workflow, virtualized sets, broadcast control, AR and VR graphics, SCTE insertion, cloud-based MAM tools, and virtualized editing solutions fit together seamlessly.  Once you connect to the platform, it’s easy to leverage your content, scale resources, and add new tools to unlock a world of possibilities for capitalizing on your media assets. You can build out a studio to fit the needs of your production, whether it’s scripted content, a gameshow, awards show, or live sports.

Flexible Facilities: Part of a Global Production Ecosystem

When you tap into centralized resources for customizable workflows, production becomes whatever you make of it. At NEP, we’ve created a Global Production Ecosystem that allows networks and leagues to use the resources they need, when they need them. To learn more about how you can connect to Centralized Production with NEP, give us a shout.

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