5 Ways Centralized Production Connects the World: Part Four

With centralized production, ensure that your media is safe and secure with our reliable redundancy and security solutions at a designated datacenter.

Over five weeks, we’re exploring five ways that NEP’s Centralized Production methods connect our world to create a Global Production Ecosystem: our network of people, places, and technologies that bring great stories to the world every day. Read last week’s post on efficient resource sharing here.

PART 4: Security & Redundancy

When your content is sent to a datacenter devoted to your media, there’s less of a chance for your assets to be corrupted or lost. No shuffling hard drives, no shipping servers; just a dedicated fiber connection that gets your content directly to a private server at the speed of light.  

A network of datacenters provides an opportunity for greater redundancy and better disaster recovery planning as well. Equipment failures can be better mitigated when there are other resources readily available and already connected to the network – with no shipping or installation time required. And with a fully redundant network and multiple connected facilities, no one location holds it all, giving you maximum fault tolerance.  

Datacenters also provide an additional layer of physical security that often isn’t available at a remote venue. At NEP’s datacenters, for instance, all main doors require a badge for entry with biometric screening. They also have 24/7 security cameras with technology in isolated and locked cages.  

Secure Datacenters: Part of a Global Production Ecosystem

Datacenters offer not only a layer of physical security but the opportunity to manage security in a robust and thoughtful way across an entire broadcast ecosystem. When you tap into centralized resources for customizable workflows, production becomes whatever you make of it. At NEP, we’ve created a Global Production Ecosystem that allows networks and leagues to use the resources they need, when they need them. Reach out to learn how your teams can connect to Centralized Production with NEP.

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