TFC SDN takes software-defined networking to the next level. Beyond just preventing over-subscription and managing links TFC SDN delivers:

  • Efficiency
  • Ease-of-use
  • A reduced footprint
  • Maximum utilization of both network and broadcast resources


Intuitive device discovery with network configuration & visualization, featuring:

  • Network configuration, snapshots and roll-back functionality​
  • Dynamic discovery and mapping of network topology
  • Automated discovery and reporting of hosts on the network​
  • Automated device discovery and configuration control​
  • Automated base configuration and provisioning​
  • Enabled data services provisioning
  • ​User right management via Active Directory, including Federation Services and single sign-on across organizational boundaries​
  • Support of northbound APIs for external control for well-known broadcast controllers​


Real-time network optimization with automated feed prioritization and load balancing, featuring:

  • Deterministic and real-time routing of both high bandwidth media flows and data
  • Auto-discovery of shortest paths in mere milliseconds​
  • Automated bandwidth optimization and load balancing based on actual, real-time consumption
  • Distribution of priority flows across paths to mitigate risk
  • Traffic segregation and group protection​
  • Automatic detection of segregated paths for devices supporting redundant streams
  • ​Automatic protection and enhanced security modes for on-air devices​


Robust monitoring for bandwidth, network integrity, optical hardware, device health, link consumption and more, featuring:

  • Monitoring and Alerting service integrated with NEP’s 24/7 service desk.​
  • Automatic anomaly detection for network and devices​
  • Real-time visibility through intuitive dashboards
  • Centralized auditing and logging of all systems and devices
  • “Penalty boxes” showing urgent actionable issues
  • Automatic correlation of control system logs with events​
  • Defined ACLs to alarm on potential security violations​
  • Automatic compliance with network switches

Get your production connected with tfc SDN.

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