TFC Broadcast Control

A broadcast control system designed to empower engineering & production teams by making ip technology fast and easy-to-use.

Today, TFC is deployed across a growing number of our facilities, including OB trucks and Production Hubs.


TFC Broadcast Control

Our vision for TFC goes beyond just controlling and configuring devices. We built it as a broadcast controller that would:

  • Empower production teams and technicians, allowing them to take more control of the front bench and allowing them to have a hand in managing their own workflows.
  • Enable NEP  and our clients to easily and quickly manage infrastructure at scale across and between facilities, and to facilitate easy movement of production teams between facilities.
  • Connect disparate systems, geographies, facilities, and networks on one platform – providing powerful control, management and security from the top down and bottom up.

feature highlights

  • IP Routing​​
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Rules Based Audio & Video Alignment​​
  • Resource Scheduling and Sharing​​
  • Network and Device Security​​
  • Infinitely Scalable Multiviewers
  • Workflow Automation​​
  • User Management​
  • Cloud Production Functionality

delivering  value

Unified: One Unified, feature rich platform that brings all systems, facilities, networks and the cloud together in one place – and where broadcast control and SDN are one.

Fast & Simple: Through smart design and automations, it streamlines IP workflows and removes the complexity, speeding and simplifying configuration and management.

Easy-to-Use: Made for humans – not just engineers – with an intuitive, elegant UI interface that allows more of the production team to manage their own needs.

Secure: With secure communication in the control panel, user authentication and management, control of media flows and device orchestration, and 2110 handoff security.

Purpose-Built: Designed and built in-house based on our real-world experience shifting the focus from technology to production.Technology agnostic: Connects to any common broadcast device, regardless of make or model, baseband or IP.

get complete control of your production with tfc Broadcast Control.

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