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Wyatt Bartel

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Wyatt Bartel

Wyatt Bartel is President of Lux Machina Consulting, an NEP Virtual Studios company, responsible for setting the strategy, cultivating our talent, and driving priorities. Among Wyatt’s top priorities are continuing the company’s work on setting the worldwide standard in Virtual Production for film and television, and growing the Lux Machina’s presence in the live events sector by leveraging Virtual Production, AR, and XR technologies to enhance live experiences for sport, esports, musical events, and broadcast television.

One of the company’s Principals, Wyatt served as Vice President of Production at Lux for more than 10 years prior to taking on his current role. He has been helping pioneer in-camera visual effects on movies and shows for many years, most recently on Masters of the Air, Godzilla x Kong, Barbie and Top Gun 2, using Virtual Production technologies including LED, projection, motion capture and simulcam. As principal designer of a myriad of LED volumes and VP integrations, he has also helped the company innovate while simultaneously working to lower the barrier of entry through standardized best practices and by bringing his and the Lux production teams’ years of experience to set.

Wyatt attended the UCLA School of Theatre Film and Television and resides in the Los Angeles area.

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