Specialty Capture

Capture every special moment from any angle

We provide a variety of specialty capture services to compliment the needs of any production. From robo to super slomo to wireless, we can help you capture every moment -no matter where or when it happens - to help bring the action to your audiences around the globe.

Let us help you capture all of the magic on your next production.

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Robo cams

We provide top-of-the-line robotic camera systems, partnered with expert technicians to create versatile solutions to meet the needs of any production - sports or entertainment. They can be mounted on a variety of platforms to ensure you get just the right angle.

follow cams

We have combined the latest camera systems with cutting-edge AI technology to anticipate every move. Our real-time tracking systems ensure all of the action is captured.

Tr-ace follow system

Our Tr-Ace follow system was developed specifically for tennis, and helps track both players on the court at all times.

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