NEP Honored for Innovative Products at 2024 NAB Show

MiniTx 5G wireless transmitter and TFC Broadcast Control platform win awards at the broadcast industry's largest event

NEP Group was honored at the 2024 NAB Show by multiple awards recognizing the impact of the company’s innovative products on the broadcast industry.

“These winners represent the most cutting-edge advancements and technologies shaping the future of content creation, distribution and monetization,” said Eric Trabb, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Success Officer at NAB, in reference to the Product of the Year Awards.

Product of the Year Awards received by NEP Group for the 5G MT-UHD MiniTx and TFC Broadcast Control at the 2024 NAB Show.

TFC with Ephemeral Productions Honored for Innovation

NEP’s proprietary software platform, TFC, received praise for its newest feature Ephemeral Productions. Awards at the 2024 NAB Show include:

Ephemeral Productions adds to the already impressive capabilities of NEP’s patent-pending broadcast control solution. The feature adds the ability for production teams to quickly reconfigure any TFC-enabled facility (including NEP’s mobile units and connected production facilities) for multiple shows with a few clicks.

“Production templating and Ephemeral Productions allow our engineers to quickly load job configurations into any control room in our connected production centers,” said Neil Smith, Global Head of Platform Engineering.

“Ephemeral Productions gives our engineers an efficient reliable process to ensure our clients can walk into any control room in our facility and get the exact same experience they had the last time they were in any of the other control rooms,” he added.

Ephemeral Productions allows broadcasters to effortlessly customize and optimize their production environment, saving valuable time and resources, and shifting their focus from technology to producing compelling content.

“The rapid migration to software solutions from traditional hardware unlocks huge potential for our customers. TFC is more than just a control and orchestration system. We are delivering a platform that maximizes the value of any infrastructure by enabling more agile and scalable workflows than ever before possible,” said Daniel Murphy, VP of Product Management.

He continued “As we look to the future it’s critical that we continue to innovate and use software to enable us to deliver the best-in-class solutions for our customers.”

5G MT-UHD Wireless Transmitter Named Product of the Year

In addition to wins by TFC, NEP subsidiary Broadcast Sports International (BSI) saw its 5G MT-UHD MiniTx wireless transmitter recognized:

“We are always looking for ways to push the limits of technology and to give our field operations team a unique set of tools that will help our clients bring content to live in a way that no one else can,” said Abner Mir Ibarra, Engineering Director, BSI. He continued, “To see these tools come to life, and to then receive recognition from the industry, is truly a humbling experience and a dream come true. I couldn’t be prouder of our team.”

The 5G MT-UHD (MiniTx) combines to support for latest 5G NR technology and redundant, dual-band video transmission in the world’s smallest wireless transmitter. The MiniTx’s compact size makes it incredibly versatile and allows it to be discreetly installed in tight spaces, directly mounted directly on a camera / drone or worn on-body.  

NEP Celebrates a Successful NAB Show

Opportunities to meet with colleagues and clients from around the world are always a special occasion and NAB 2024 was no exception. NEP representatives from each of its business regions (Americas, Europe, Middle East / Southeast Asia, Australia / New Zealand) were all in attendance.

NEP was also well represented during many of the show’s panel discussions. Industry experts participating in programs included:

  • Geert Thoelen – Director of Technology, NEP Belgium, SVG Chairman’s Forum
  • Scott Rothenberg – SVP, Technology & Capital Planning, Veterans-TV: MASTER TALK SERIES and Remote Production Service Perspectives
  • Cameron O’Neill – Country Manager, NEP Japan, Presentation to Japanese Broadcasters – Innovation: PGA TOUR Trucks and Studio
  • Ryan Jones – Director of Systems Integration, Presentation to Japanese Broadcasters – Innovation: PGA TOUR Trucks and Studio
  • Dan Murphy – VP of Product Management, Cisco Fireside Chat Featuring Dan Murphy

NAB 2024 was another great opportunity for NEP to showcase the best-in-class solutions and services that we provide for our clients every day. We appreciate everyone who took time out of their schedule to visit our teams and look forward to sharing new innovations with you at IBC later this year!

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NEP Honored for Innovative Products at 2024 NAB Show

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