NEP Group Launches Production Centers in Los Angeles and New York

Facilities expand NEP’s global production ecosystem, providing clients innovative, scalable and sustainable broadcast production solutions


NEP Group, the leading media technology partner for content creators around the globe, has launched two new production centers in Los Angeles and New York. The new facilities join existing NEP production centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific, advancing the company’s position as the global leader in Centralized Production. Using the company’s deep engineering knowledge and experience from decades of supporting live productions, NEP is building out its global network of Centralized Production centers to expand its production ecosystem.

NEP Production Center–Los Angeles and NEP Production Center–New York, are innovative, flexible, and scalable facilities providing clients with more production options to create and tell their stories. NEP production centers enable clients to increase utilization of their top talent and crews by giving them centrally located facilities to use, like those in Los Angeles and New York. This increases production value and unlocks the potential for savings on travel and expenses and supports teams with a higher quality of life by keeping them close to home. It also provides a more sustainable solution by limiting the production’s carbon footprint. As NEP grows its network and connects all of its production centers, teams will be able to collaborate on productions across multiple geographies.

A leader in mobile unit design and delivery, NEP’s Centralized Production solutions gives clients the extra flexibility to tap the resources they need, whether it’s a production center, mobile unit, studio or enabled location, with the ability to access additional services on demand, all backed by a team of engineering and security experts providing 24/7 monitoring.

Every production team is faced with the challenges of getting more done in less time, on a budget while still delivering the highest quality. Centralized Production is changing what happens on site, offering the flexibility to deploy key components of a broadcast to a centralized location, allowing for the easy sharing of central resources.

“Our vision is to provide solutions anywhere, any time, and in any way our client’s team wants to work,” said Mike Werteen, Global President, NEP Broadcast Services.

“So, whether you are working from an enabled mobile unit on location, in a studio, in one of our production centers, at your facility or even from home, you can be connected to our Global Centralized Production Platform with access to the latest technology housed in our data centers, all managed, monitored and controlled by one unified system.

“Our goal is to take what we are already doing with mobile units and studios and expand the possibilities for how and where our clients can work, increase efficiency for them while offering them the latest technology and software solutions.”

NEP Production Center–Los Angeles and NEP Production Center–New York are online providing solutions to clients, joining NEP’s VISTA Worldlink production center in Miami and other robust facilities in London, Oslo, Zurich, Hilversum, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne.

“Our product vision is to provide content creators with innovative, software-driven solutions and workflows to create valuable content and connect with their audiences,” said Casper Choffat, Senior Vice President of Global Product for NEP.

“Centralized Production is one of our live production products, dedicated to helping our clients capture and create broadcasts, streaming and live events. We continue to work with our clients and stakeholders to identify where to grow our product capabilities.”

NEP Group's global production ecosystem will add a Dallas-based datacenter in 2022, providing a backbone network to production centers and remote operator facilities in the U.S. Additional NEP and client production centers will be launched across the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia, enabling faster deployment of new technologies across multiple geographies.

Learn more about NEP’s full range of broadcast solutions and its vision for Centralized Production on

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