At NEP we believe technology is a key enabler for creativity and efficiency. Our vision is to work with the most advanced technologies and equipment to develop workflows that facilitate the talent and creativity on our clients’ production teams. Our goal is to enable you to produce anytime, anywhere, any way you want, and to the highest standards.

Global Production Ecosystem

We’re building a Global Production Ecosystem based on our experience across broadcast, live events, and virtual production.

  • Centered around Technical Hubs - Specialized data centers and open cloud integration on a global network that enable us to share resources in a follow the sun model.  
  • Connected to a variety of NEP facilities & venues around the world. 
  • With a full range of end-to-end solutions across live production, virtual production, media processing and more.
  • Powered by our Proprietary abstraction and control solution, TFC. One unified, easy-to-use platform that manages and monitors our facilities while enabling the technology-agnostic deployment of solutions.  

In Action Today

For us, end-to-end production not just a vision; we're already doing it and have been building towards this for a decade.

  • We have Technical Hubs in Europe, Asia-Pacific and now the Americas launching this year.   
  • We already have 18 production centers connected to our ecosystem with over 60 Production Control Rooms (PCRs) and are planning to grow this in targeted regions and with partnering clients.  
  • We cover roughly 5,000 centralized productions per year.  
  • We are steadily building our backbone network including NEP Connect – and already have robust connections between our facilities. 

Our People Make the Difference

At the heart of it all is our people being both in the field and in our offices.  They’re relentless and passionate about delivering for our clients – and exceeding their expectations. 

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Our Work

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