Post production workflow is now a lot better at working and flowing. CentralParq, NEP’s automated production workflow solution, guides your team through every project from start to finish, and eliminating the time-consuming, error-prone tasks and bottlenecks of complex processes. Through the transformative power of the cloud, CentralParq enables seamless collaboration between teams and technology, making your production simpler, faster and readily accessible to beginners and experts alike. Even global teams can be brought together to work faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Ingest Module

As an online platform, CentralParq’s Mediadoq is one of the most powerful systems on the market, allowing you to ingest content at remarkable speed from multiple sources. Compatible with all professional formats, Mediadoq makes content immediately available and ready to edit with minimal effort.

Reality TV Module

CentralParq holds the power to reduce your human resource hours by as much as 50% a day. With automated audio leveling, live logging and fast tagging of content (enriched with metadata), your team can begin pre-composing scenes and powerful storylines faster than ever before from live feeds or recorded material. Your clip list or composition is then sent to the edit platform for broadcasting or posting online.

Casting Module

CentralParq is the content management engine behind some of the world’s most successful talent show concepts. From the application stage to the final winners, our casting module lets your production team manage all content linked to each of the thousands of future stars involved. It also facilitates all talent communications and check-ins, and handles your directors’ to-do lists.

An infographic showing the benefits of automated ingest.

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