NEP can now do for your business what we’ve already done for some of the world’s biggest content owners: radically simplify and accelerate the way you deliver video content. With our cloud-based UpperEast application, you can securely upload, seamlessly distribute and easily track content to all worldwide platforms, including iTunes, Netflix, Google Play, Hulu, XBOX Live and Amazon. Your video content can be monetized through the most advanced, high-quality on-boarding, digitization and packaged distribution service at the most competitive prices.


How Uppereast Works: Upload

All of your assets — including metadata, artwork, subtitles and dubbing — can be easily uploaded via the online web application.

How Uppereast Works: Quality Control

We’ve got it covered. UpperEast manages intake and automatically performs quality control. And if a package needs to be adjusted for a specific platform, we handle that as well at one of our 250 edit, multiple audio or color grading suites.

How Uppereast Works: Deliver

Once approved, your package is ready for delivery to the desired platforms through our direct, 100G redundant connection to one of the world’s largest Internet exchanges. We can save you time, too, by uploading to multiple platforms simultaneously, quickly and securely.

How Uppereast Works: Archive

Once uploaded, assets are automatically stored in our digital archives and can be redelivered on demand.

Track The Whole Process With The Uppereast Web App

  • One upload delivers to all platforms
  • 24/7 international service team
  • Scalable for large volumes of content
  • Redeliver on demand from our redundant storage

Worldwide OTT Deliveries

UpperEast uploads, distributes and tracks content on worldwide platforms like iTunes, Netflix, Google Play, Hulu, XBOX Live and Amazon.

An infographic showing the steps for advanced content delivery.

Our Work

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